quarta-feira, abril 09, 2008

Brat Play

"While some find it extremely distasteful and disrespectful, others revel in the joy and satisfaction they find within its eanded boundaries. The submissive, having met the conditions of safety, sanity, and the consent of their partners, find untold freedom in acting out as a brat or tapping in to their inner child, who might very well be demanding, self-centered, whiney, or mouthy. For the lifestylers who find no such need in their agenda of BDSM play, this is sometimes difficult to understand, accept, and most of all, tolerate. But like any other part of S/M, B/D, or role-playing activities, there are bound to be some things that we will find unappealing or beyond our personal limits."
The Submissive Sadist & The Dominant Masochist

"Some people in this lifestyle find even the role of submissive or dominant a role-playing opportunity. Unlike those who find a deep affinity for these defining words as something describing their very nature, evolving but unchangeable as time commences, these lifestylers play at being submissive or dominant to get their kinky desires satisfied. The submissive sadist enjoys causing the pain but is not truly in control. Ideally he or she will be matched up with a dominant masochist who enjoys receiving pain but likes to direct things a! s they move along. Again, if both parties are honest and willing, then who are we to judge it as unacceptable behavior?"

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JoaoDeAviz disse...

Gosto sempre quando soltas a tua inner child...revelando a Bratt que há em ti, sinal de te sentires avontade e segura.
E as paradoxais figuras do DominadorMasoquista e da submissa sádica em que se reveem pessoas conhecidas.
Tem um bom dia bratt minha